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The “Kanner Support Group” was founded on October 18, 2004, due to the exigent need of caring for adults with Kanner Syndrome. Our mission is to call and summon up the government to provide educational, vocational, and recreational support systems for individuals with Kanner Syndrome. Hence, the burden on families with individuals with Kanner Syndrome can be greatly reduced.


Advocate the right to live with dignity for individuals with Kanner Syndrome,and ensure the well-being of their lives.


  • Raise public awareness of Kanner Syndrome.
  • Initiate social change for individuals with autism and promote their privileges.
  • Improve the level of therapeutic and educational programming accessible Individuals with autism and design our developmental learning resources.
  • Help families to cope with individuals with Kanner Syndrome.


  • Advocacy: Charity events, exhibitions, community events, etc…
  • Family Collaborative Efforts: Seminars, counsel, conferences, etc…
  • Educational Efforts: Life skills training programs, teenager exchange program, Kanner art and music program.


Set up educational support systems, provide teaching materials, establish a community for individuals with Kanner Syndrome, supply medical, educational, vocational, and recreational integrative program.